James Nicholls

Hello there,

first time poster, I've recently taken delivery of an iExos-100 mount.

I'm using an old laptop I've resurrected and installed Ubuntu 18.04 Linux onto, and I intend to use this for controlling the mount (via INDI) and for capturing.

I've successfully used telnet to set the mount from WiFi to USB, and it's now taking orders from KStars :)

However, I'd like some advice on how to best update the firmware, as this looks as if it will be tricky under linux. Has anyone done this?

The options that seem to present themselves are
  1. Run the windows .exe for the configurator under Wine. I'm worried that if the wine handling of comms isn't perfect, it could be risky
  2. Work out how to communicate over the serial port to upload the firmware
I have access to both this Linux machine and a modern MacBook Pro, but I am not a windows user.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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