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On Thu, Jun 18, 2020 at 09:59 AM, James Nicholls wrote:
However, I'd like some advice on how to best update the firmware, as this looks as if it will be tricky under linux. Has anyone done this?

Hi James,

Thanks for your purchase and welcome to the forum!
Unfortunately for LINUX users, the microcontroller firmware update program (compiled) provided by Parallax only runs on Windows. The OpenGOTO Community of PMC-Eight developers (Chris Moses specifically) has created the PMC-Eight Configuration Manager tool to do several things with the PMC-Eight including making it easy to update the firmware. This is also a Windows program since it uses the Parallax firmware update tool.  The only option is to use a local Windows machine for you to update the firmware, or send your mount back to who you purchased it from to get them to program it.

The processor is an open-source processor so the code to load the firmware may be available to port it to the LINUX platform. Here is a link.

Here is a link to the source code for the firmware update program called Propellent.

Maybe you can use this to develop a program similar to the Configuration Manager, that would be awesome.

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