Bill Black

On Sun, Jun 21, 2020 at 11:58 PM, Bob wrote:
1/ After polar aligning WELL on a level mount with good freedom of movement I attempted to do an alignment.
2/ Picking a clear, bright star from the list I hit 'goto' when prompted to use it as the first star.  
3/ I locate and center it (the mount gets me within 5 degrees or so) with a 24 mm eyepiece. THEN I Switch to a crosshair eyepiece and line it up perfectly.  Then I hit enter (I tried sync then enter upon the suggestion of E.S. earlier)
4/ I repeat the process for star 2, or star 2 and 3 as appropriate.
I park the scope again, checking the marks.
Hi Bob, 
That last part "I park the scope again..." is an unnecessary step and I suspect may be where your problem arises.
If you loosened the clutches at that point (or any point) after the alignment routine, then the alignment will be lost.
Try just slewing directly to Jupiter after you finish the alignment and hopefully it will hit it :)


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