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Explore Scientific takes the position that third party software is not something they support.  In the case of ascom they made and support their driver to enable use of the broad spectrum of ascom compliant clients.  Most users in the forum doing astrophotography use this capability and it works very well.  Notably PHD2 for guiding.  Astrophotography programs     from many sources are used to manage imaging and indeed overall site and process automation.

I am unclear where the indi driver came from.  Multiple users employ it, Steven being one.  There are sufficient now on the forum who are willing to assist Mac users.  

I am a Mac person but I threw in the towel for my mount computer and employ windows on a boot camped Mac mini.  My experience with windows on macs is they run Windows better than windows boxes...:). 

In the windows world there are just so many applications, and the ascom group is well developed and the platform very stable.  

One thing I do to make my life better is run the Mac mini from my iMac over RDP.  Works like a charm and the screen resolution is great, plus I can hang out inside while the mount does the freezing.  Mini takes some power though.  For star party use I still have my Dell laptop.  Not sure it is less power tho.

Anyhow that’s kind of the big picture.  Maybe Jerry or others can clarify the ES position on indi.

If you asked me what operating system to start with I would probably recommend you start using the PMC8 systems with ascom on a pc.  This is partly because the huge preponderance  of people seem to use the PC and can help.  But I surely understand the desire to use macs. 


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