Steven hooked up like a charm. I am not sure about the alignment but at least it moves the scope. Waiting for weather to clear.

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Very helpful. Thank you. I’ll look at it tonight. Perhaps explore scientific can produce a plug in to do this.


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I'm doing a write up but you probably don't want to wait.

This is a quick and dirty version of what I did (and assumes you've installed and added your geo, time, telescope, eyepiece parameters, etc.):

1) Installed Kstars - I don't like this program, but it includes the INDI pmc-8 driver you need for your Mac to talk to Stellarium. I don't recommend installing INDI drivers any other way on the Mac, but you can try if you want to remain frustrated
2) Start up the INDI control panel in Kstars and select your mount (EXOS2-GT), then run a local service on port 7624 (this is automatic after you Run the service)
3) Connect to the pmc-8 wifi
4) Connect the INDI control panel in Kstars to the pmc-8 - you have to set up the connection controls from the Configuration menu first (select Ethernet, TCP - the port that is listed is the default - leave it alone)
5) Start up Stellarium
6) Activate the Telescope Plugin in Stellarium and select the Telescopes tab
7) Configure the Telescope Plugin - select Telescope controlled by - INDI/INDIGO radio button
8) Scroll down to INDI settings - you should see localhost 7624 in the Host settings, click Refresh Devices - you should see "ES EXOS2-GT PMC-8" appear in the devices window
9) Click OK and go back to the main Telescope Control window
10) Click Connect - you should now see "Connected" status under "Telescopes Controlled" window for your scope

You're now connected to the PMC-8 with Stellarium on your Mac.

One disclaimer - Stellarium won't solve your alignment issues, but it does help me find things in the sky. Stellarium has a virtual hand controller that you can use to slew your scope to look for things you want to see until you get polar alignment issues sorted. It also has the usual goto features.

Hope this helps.

Steven Romero
Location: Houston, TX and surrounding environs (50%) Midland,TX and a large swath of West, TX (50%)
Mount: EXOS2-GT PMC-8
Scope: ED102 APO
Eyepieces: 24mm, 11mm, 6.5mm (82 deg)
Software: Kstars (OS X)

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