Jeff Snell

Took this last night.  Very little processing at this point just levels.  31 light (240s/800ISO), 20 darks, 20 flats with my Canon and the ED80 APO PMC Eight.  I'm getting what appears to be trailing around the edges and some vignetting and possible sky glow in upper right corner (Bortles 5/6 looking directly over the city at about 30 degrees elevation).  I assume this is what a field flattener would fix???

Any critiques welcome including what to add to the imaging train to correct.  Core of the star cloud tracked very nicely so PMC-eightdoing great.


PMC-Eight w/Explore Stars
Celestron 8" Edge HD
Canon Ti-5 w/ Spencer Camera Astro-mod
CdC, APT, Polemaster, PHD2

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