Re: Can EXOS2-GT PMC-EIGHT handle 200mm diameter f/5 newt? #EXOS2

Wes Mcdonald

I have always thought that more mass on the load would be better.  Yes you will during slew experience more tortional twisting of compliant shafts etc.  but the increase in mass will decrease resonant frequencies.  In a spring mass system the period is proportional to the square root of the mass.  So one lowers the frequency as one increases the mass.  I wonder if guiding happens better.  External disturbances might also have less influence, even wind if the mass goes up faster than the sail area.  

When we are guiding we are tracking along at a nice pace and issuing slight corrections.  Unfortunately the response of mount will be longer given greater mass... pesky time constants to final value gonna be proportional to the inverse natural frequency which higher mass decreases thereby increasing response time.  But if these times correspond to intervals lots smaller than the guide interval the advantage more mass gives for resistance to disturbances might just be a positive  overall.


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