Re: Can EXOS2-GT PMC-EIGHT handle 200mm diameter f/5 newt? #EXOS2


On Thu, Jun 25, 2020 at 01:08 PM, Bill Black wrote:
Hi Zernike Polynomial (nice!)
I have no problems using this mount with my 8" SCT. It sort of looks like a 200mm newt with the dew shield on it.
On top of the SCT, I have my 80mm APO riding piggy back plus cameras on both scopes.
My total equipment weight is 27 lbs and I have 27 lbs of counterweight as well.
If the seeing is good, I can guide to about 0.5" RMS in PHD.

Location: Dallas, GA
 Celestron C8, AstroTech 80mm APO

Mounts: EXOS II PMC-Eight, LXD75

Cameras: ZWO ASI294MCPro, ASI385

 I've seen people on cloudy nights say that at this price point, this should be impossible. But its also 2020, so maybe we have come further than I realized.

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