#iexos-100 with Starry Night / Mac OS #iEXOS-100

Mirko Gude


I've got a question about the IEXOS 100 with Starry Night Pro 8. Did anyone use this combination with a Mac ? 

I know how to change from UDP/IP to TCP/IP protocols with command line (I use the build in Terminal with netcat instead of Packet Sender). But I'am not sure If I have to change the settings also to serial connection (USB Cable). If I do this, will it work with Starry Night? 

I was successful with IEXOS 100 and KStars (with INDI), in this case it is only necessary to change form UDP/IP to TCP/IP protocols. And because I don't have a windows machine I'am little bit afraid, that it could be possible, that I could not change the settings back from USB cable to wireless without the windows programs.

So any experiences are welcome ;-)

Thanks and best Regards,

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