Re: M24

Edwin <esanc001@...>

Jennifer, Tim
Thank you for your input! I will follow workflow as I just started at this crazy amazing hobby.
I found a youtube video that all it is Is white light for an hour, I used it with my tablet and it worked great as when I check the histogram its a solid line in tue middle.

Jennifer, I noticed you use APT, I just started using and at times plate solving has a hard time. I installed the 3 apps that it uses but I have noticed that only 2 are used. When I am having issues, I manually try the same image in All Sky Plate Solver and it does solve it but I am not sure if/how I can make APT use that one at those times when the other 2 fail.
do you know or have any other solution?

thanks you!
Edwin Sanchez
ed-80 triplet
canon T6i

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