How Do I Recover From a RN-131 FACTORY RESET? #G11 #EXOS2 #TECHNICAL


Hi everyone, 
I'm a proud new owner of an exos-2 pmc-eight.

I probably made a big mistake:
I wanted to update the firmware so I connected putty to the mount with WiFi. I switched to serial connection, but I think my serial cable isn't good (I inverted dtr) because putty, parallax or config manager wasn't able to connect. I was still able to connect putty on WiFi but I wasn't able to switch back to WiFi connection.

Here's the mistake.. I made a factory reset thinking I was able to set the explore scientific default values on WiFi cause it was still connected. At the first set command putty wasn't responding and now I'm stuck. 

Will I be able to connect with a good serial cable and set the default ES values or I bricked it in just 3 days? 

I bought a new cable on Amazon:
Is that good? 

Sorry for my English, I'm Italian.
Any help would be great.


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