Crazy Question - What's The Difference Between the PMC8 and a Mini- Computer? #EXOS2 #TECHNICAL #OpenGOTO

Darryl Ellis

Hi All,

After going through the Programmers Reference Guide looking for solutions to an issue I have with switching between serial and wifi modes, it bought to mind one of the main reasons I invested in this mount and the PMC8; I was hoping it was going to be more like using a PC with wifi than an Hand Controller.  I always felt like hand controllers were limited though at times I admit I miss having one.  Then there are systems out there like the ASI Air Pro, Prima Luce, Raspberry Pi, etc.  There are mini pc's and other such gadgets. 

Then there is the PMC8, Precision Motor Controller with its 8 processors,computer processor and memory system, motor drive system, and communications interface.  It even has it's own Programmer's language.  Now I'm no computer technician, programmer, or engineer.  However, I have been a functional user of computers since the 80s and have done some pretty interesting things with them.  The PMC8 sounds like a computer to me! 

What am I missing?  What keeps it from being used like a mini computer, or something that I could load programs onto like ExploreStars, PHD, APT, CDC, etc.?  What would it take for the PMC8 to function like/compete with an ASI Air, Pima Luce, or even a PowerwBox? 

I just feel like it's a great idea with a lot of potential, but something is missing.

Help me understand.



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