Re: How Do I Recover From a RN-131 FACTORY RESET? #G11 #EXOS2 #TECHNICAL


On Sat, Jun 27, 2020 at 06:37 PM, Jerry Hubbell - Explore Scientific VP Engineering wrote:
RN-131 network SSID
Hi Jerry,

Thanks for your time.

Unfortunately I can't see the internal RN-131 SSID in the network list when i scan for wifi connection.

I probably didn't explain well in my previous posts, sorry:

I performed the command to switch to serial successfully using the same pdf in this part:

If you want to change the interface from the default WiFi Port (interface 1) to the Serial Port (interface 0), do the following: NOTE: This assumes that you start with the delivered configuration of the PMC-Eight with the WiFi interface enabled
1. Set your SSID to the PMC-Eight-xx, whatever yours is
2. Using Putty, TELNET into address port 54372.
3. You should be greeted with the *HELLO* prompt of the RN-131 module
4. Enter "###" you should see "Diagnostic Mode Disabled#!
5. Enter "ESX!" and you should see "ESX0!" which says that the interface was switched to the serial port (interface 0) 

Everything went good and i rebooted.

After that, I discovered that any software i tried (indi drivers/pmc8 configurator/parallax/putty) couldn't connect with the serial cable (It's an FTDI USB-RS232 cable and i used FT_Prog to invert the #DTR as instructed in a post i have read to make it work with the pmc-eight. Probably it's a bad cable).
Since i couldn't connect INDI drivers to use the mount anymore with the wifi, and the serial cable wasn't working I tried to revert it in WiFi doing the same procedure since i could still see the SSID of the PMC-Eight and i could connect with putty.
The *HELLO* appeared but the "###" command wasn't responding so i couldn't revert to WiFi in the same way using the ESX! command.

After that I got the stupid idea to do a factory reset thinking that at least it was going to re-enable the wifi interface and that I would have been able to perform the commands (the procedure that you wrote) to set all the ES default values back in the same putty session before losing the connection.

Factory reset worked, setting the values didn't.
I lost the connection at the first command i entered: "set uart b 115200"

I rebooted the device and now I can't see the internal RN-131 SSID in the wireless connections list. I can't connect to it and perform your procedure to set the values.

Is there any hope that a working serial cable can do the trick so i can set all the default values without connecting to the RN-131 internal SSID?


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