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On Sat, Jun 27, 2020 at 11:28 PM, <zeccax@...> wrote:
Since i couldn't connect INDI drivers to use the mount anymore with the wifi, and the serial cable wasn't working I tried to revert it in WiFi doing the same procedure since i could still see the SSID of the PMC-Eight and i could connect with putty.
The *HELLO* appeared but the "###" command wasn't responding so i couldn't revert to WiFi in the same way using the ESX! command.
HI Filippo,

I wanted to say here based on your comment above is that the ESX! command must be issued on the CURRENT communications channel to toggle back to the alternate channel. In this case, you had successfully switched from "wireless": to "serial" using the ESX! command on the "wireless" channel. To get back you would have simply connected to the "serial" channel with the terminal program on the com port and issued the ESX! command again to switch back to the "wireless" channel.
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