Re: ASCOM Freezing iEXOS 100 PMC-Eight


Thanks, Lloyd.
I switched back to ASCOM 6.4, and its a little better, but barely.

So, here are my steps:

1. Open Carte du Ciel, and hit Connect. This starts POTH automatically. (So, I have POTH connected to the PMC8 driver, and Carte du Ciel connected to POTH.)
2. Then I open the ASI imaging software.

That's basically it.

If I need to focus, I have to disconnect the mount from POTH, otherwise the focus software immediately causes it to crash. So, I'll focus, then close that software, then connect to POTH via Carte du Ciel.

I had the thought today that if the focus software causes it to crash, maybe the imaging software also makes it unstable. If I can get out tonight, I'll try FireCapture.

I have to vent for a minute. I've been trying to fix this for months...ever since I got the mount. Even ExploreStars doesn't run all that stable. More than half the time that I try to do a star alignment, it crashes. Sometimes its in the middle of a slew when it crashes, and the slew doesn't stop in that case. I have had to start my nights over several times a night every single night. I'm pretty close to calling it quits.

I sincerely appreciate the help.

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