#iexos-100 / Mac OS #iEXOS-100

Mirko Gude


what are the options to control the IEXOS 100 Mount from a Mac (Laptop or iPad) with an Astronomie program (like Starry Night)?

I’ve tried some attempts with Starry Night, but I could not get it working. Maybe I did not exactly understand, what software I need. Now I think, the ASCOM driver is necessary in this case, but it is not available.

I’ve tried also the latest version from Stellarium (for Mac) - it supports ASCOM, but I could not figure out how to get this working. Ok, inside the stellarium program I could not select the IEXOS 100 mount, but I would expect, that other mounts would work, because they are using ASCOM.

The only one solution that was working (not very stable) was KStars with Indi Driver.

So If here are some Mac users, maybe they can give a brief notice (Software, Connection TypeWIFI/Serial), what you are using.

Thanks and best regards,

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