Re: EXOS2 / mount level inconsistent with tripod level?

Gord Farmer

On Jun 29, 2020, at 1:23 PM, Jeff Snell <Jeffery.snell1@...> wrote:

Mine was nowhere close either but that is likely pretty common for small bubble levels like that.  They just won't overcome the friction inside the glass without a lot of "tapping."  I bought a small 8" builder's level from Lowe's.  It sits nicely with the mount attached on a little bit of a ledge along the left side of the mount as you face north.  Fits well across the back of the mount too underneath the polar scope.


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On Mon, Jun 29, 2020 at 10:41 AM Jeny@ via <> wrote:
How I did - attach mount head to a tripod, put level on saddle and level it (saddle should be parallel to the ground)
Make a dot with a marker on mount's bubble where 'true' level is.
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