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Henry Staub

Thanks, it is working now.

On Jul 1, 2020, at 10:58 AM, Jerry Hubbell - Explore Scientific VP Engineering <jrh@...> wrote:

On Wed, Jul 1, 2020 at 09:54 AM, Henry Staub wrote:
I would appreciate instructions on how to setup CdC on EXOS2.
Hi Henry, 

Please follow this procedure to get Cartes du Ciel working with the PMC-Eight. This assumes you are installing CdC on a Microsoft Windows PC

Part 1 - Connecting the PMC-Eight to the POTH Dome-Scope Hub

1. Download and install the ASCOM-Standards Platform from
2. Download and install the PMC-Eight ASCOM Driver from
3. Connect your PMC-Eight System to your computer (via wired or wireless) and power up the PMC-Eight. This will entail either connecting your Serial DB9 to USB adapter or Connecting to the PMC-Eight SSID on your wireless network settings
4. Start the POTH Scope-Dome Hub installed as part of the ASCOM Platform (ASCOM Platform 6 folder in your programs list)
5, Click SETUP on the POTH interface, the POTH Setup window will pop up
6. Click Choose Scope and the ASCOM Chooser will pop up
7. Select ES_PMC8.Telescope in the drop down list
8. Click on the Properties and the PMC-Eight ASCOM Driver setup will pop up
9. Select Explore Scientific EXOS II in the Mount drop down list
10. Select either Enable Serial Port, or Enable WiFi TCP to use the one you have your PMC-Eight communications channel set to. The default from the factory is WiFi.
11. IF you selected Serial Port THEN Click the Serial Port Setup Tab, and Select the correct Port on the Comm Port drop down list 
12. Click on the Site Data Tab and Enter your local site's Location (name), Longitude, Latitude, and Elevation. You can ignore the other data for the time being.
13. Click the OK button on the PMC-Eight ASCOM Driver setup dialog box to finish the configuration.
14. Click the OK button on the ASCOM Chooser dialog box to finish the configuration.
15. Click the OK button on the POTH Setup dialog box to finish the configuration.
16. Click the Connect button on the POTH to verify you can connect to your PMC-Eight System. This may take more than one attempt to connect depending on the state of your connection. You should see coordinate data on the POTH when successful.

Part 2 - Connecting Cartes du Ciel to the POTH

1. Download and install Cartes du Ciel. You can find it here:
2. Start Cartes du Ciel 
3. Select the Telescope Menu item, and select Connect Telescope. The ASCOM Telescope Interface will pop up
4. In the ASCOM Local Tab in the Driver Selection section, click the Select button and the ASCOM Chooser will pop up
5. Select  POTH Hub in the drop down list
6. Click OK on the ASCOM Chooser to finish
7. Click Connect on the CdC ASCOM Interface to connect CdC to the POTH, You should see a Green indication showing the connection is successful.

That should get you connected.
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