Re: Comments about the EXOS 2 PMC-Eight on CloudyNights #EXOS2

Jerry Hubbell - Explore Scientific VP Engineering

On Sat, Jul 4, 2020 at 09:48 AM, Patrick Maher wrote:
f you are going to need to name another new mount in the future, please do not use the name of a previous mount in the naming nomenclature.  Using the EXOS2-GT naming nomenclature in the PMC-8 version's name has seriously confused everyone who knows to avoid the original EXOS2-GT. 
Hi Patrick,

Thank you for your thoughts on this. Just to let everyone know, I have been chastised in the past for notifying the moderators about certain comments from other vendors basically bad mouthing our equipment, but these comments in this instance did not rise to that level in my opinion. I very much appreciate and have seen where our customers respond on CloudyNights to share their experiences with our equipment, just as on this forum. The prohibition against vendors replying on threads that are not on the Vendor forum on CN is basically about not "promoting" your equipment. The moderators on CN have interpreted that to also mean "defending" against misinformation. I have been dinged for this a couple of times, so now I tend to not respond at all.

As far as the naming of our mounts, yes, we have already done as you suggest. We will be releasing more mounts in the future.
The EXOS II (EXOS 2) PMC-Eight mount will be phased out in the future... You can expect to see the replacement by the end of the year.
Thanks again everyone for your support.
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