Re: ASIAIR PRO with PMC8-G11 review / first light...or night that is...

Omar Rahman

The iExos is listed in the drop down menu in the Asiair, along with the Exos2-PMC8 and the he G11. I’m assuming it will work fine. 

Wes, most nights I’m imaging in about 20 minutes. Everything fires up and works quickly and I can sit inside and control everything from a tablet. I was able to get Ascom, POTH, etc., set up when I first got the mount but haven’t bothered with any of that since. There is a limitation: only ZWO cameras and DSLRs. If you want to use other stuff, Stellarmate  works well. Same idea but more fiddling around and slightly less reliable. But Stellarmate also connects Exos with SkySafari and that is really cool when doing visual. Point your phone to a part of the sky and it just skews there with one touch. 


ES ED102
:      ES EXOS2-PMC-8, SkyWatcher Star Adventurer
Cameras:   ASI1600MM Pro, Nikon D7500
          Nikon 200-500mm, Tamron 70-200mm G2, Nikon 120mm manual lens
Misc:          ZWO ASI120Mini Guide Camera, ZWO 30mm mini guidescope, Stellarmate, Asiair
Software:  Kstars, SkySafari, ExploreStars (android), Pixinsight, DeepSkyStacker, Regim, Astrostakkert, LR/PS, RNC-color-stretch
Computer:  Macbook Pro, Surface Pro 4, iPhone, Fire 7

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