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Mirko Gude

Hi Bogdan,

that’s very interesting, maybe you can describe some details? After some attempts with "Mac OS only“ I’ve bought a Raspberry Pi (Model 4) and it looks very promising.

How do you connect the Raspberry with the PMC8? Wifi or serial? If serial, how do you switch the PMC8 to serial with the Raspberry Pi via command line?

And it is better to connect the Raspberry Pi via VNC and control KStars/Ekos over VNC? Or do you use a second KStar/Ekos installation which is connect with the Raspberry pi? (As I understood it, this is also possible)

If you could say something about this, that would be nice!

Best regards, 

Am 08.07.2020 um 07:46 schrieb Irimie Bogdan <bogdanirimie@...>:

Hi Kent, all,

I'm also using Raspberry Pi 4 4gb with EKOS + Kstars with my  EXOS-2.
Doing all orchestration with it from polar alignment, plate solving, guiding and picture acquisition plan.
By now all is working really great.

Kind regards

On Mon, Jul 6, 2020 at 9:34 PM Pavel <pavel.vondricka@...> wrote:
Hi Kent,

I am also using RaspberryPi 4 (4GB) with the Astroberry distribution
with my iExos-100. At the moment for visual observation only, but...

I also made a DIY hand controller from an Arduino, a thumb joystick and
a small LCD display, usable to adjust the telescope, slew speed,
park/unpark, aso.
I added also a database of sky objects to select and go to from the
controller. Maybe not as fancy as just using SkySafari on a phone
screen, but a bit more fun for people who like customization and DIY

Best regards,

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