Re: going for advanced RC6 setup #EXOS2 #astrophotography

Bill Black

Hi Mr. Polynomial,
That's an interesting article. Do you think something along the lines of procedure 2 (balancing the image) would work for collimating an SCT?

This sounds like a neat project. I've never used an RC. I understand they can be excellent for astrophotography, but the collimation can be difficult. So something definitely worthwhile in your project, I think.

I'm guessing that one of the biggest hurdles you might face is getting a good guide star image with your off-axis guide camera. Long focal lengths can be difficult to use for getting a good tight guide star image. So you may want to think about putting a focal reducer on your guide camera, if possible (maybe 50%).

From the article, it sounds like you will be shooting 5 sec to 30 sec exposures through the main camera to try to smooth out the seeing conditions. I'm guessing the longer the exposure the better for that purpose. Your guiding exposures will probably be in the 1 sec to 2 sec range. So you won't have the same opportunity with the guider to smooth out the seeing conditions. Using a star field close to the Zenith would help with the seeing. I would stay away from anything below 50 degrees alt.

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