Re: Data Missing File Error #G11 #ExploreStars

Dave Cherry

Its been a while since I installed it but I think the other guys on here will tell you that you have to download the additional database file from the web site and place it in the explorer stars directory.


Without this database, the star alignment and other functions cannot work.






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From: Jochi
Sent: 12 July 2020 09:23
Subject: [ESPMC-Eight] Data Missing File Error #ExploreStars #G11


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I have a problem with the Explore Stars APP.
I have had an EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC LOSMANDY G-11 PMC-Eight for a year. So far, I control the mount via my Ipad, it works great.
In the future I want to control the mount using a laptop (Windows 10). I installed the app. Unfortunately I only get an error message "Data Files Missing".
I have reinstalled it several times and restarted the PC. Nothing worked. The buttons "UP, Down, Left, Right work so I can move the mount. Everything else buttons do not work. 2/3 Star Alligment, Messier Objects, Park Position etc.
I've tried a second computer, the same problem.
Can someone help me?

Greetings from southern Germany


Scopes: Sky Watcher 200PDS, Skywatcher 72ED
Mount: Explore Scientific PMC8 EXO2
Cameras: ASI 294MCPRO Coooled, Altair guide cam + 50mm scope
Software: Sharpcap Pro ,PH2, Stelarium Startools

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