Tracking going wrong #iEXOS-100 #TECHNICAL #ExploreStars #astrophotography #windows10

Koen M.

A few days ago i finally had some time to go out again with the iEXOS100
I set up my mount, polar align it.
I let the camera slew to Dubeh and it tracks the way it should be. (see pic Dubhe.jpg) 
this was located North to North-west from my position

Then i let it slew to vAnd, and it goes as it should be (see pic vAnd.jpg)
This was North-east from my position

From pointing to vAnd i let it slew to Jupiter which is South-East to south from my position.
I take the same testpicture i did with the other 2 and when i look at the picture, Jupiter and its moons are not tracked but they are lines you would expect when you use a non tracking mount (startrails, see jupfail.jpg

All 3 pictures are taken with f6.3 at 13seconds shutterspeed and 200mm


This is not the first time i have this problem, it looks like everything i point at from North to West fails and everything from West to nord goes as it should.

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