Re: Tracking going wrong #iEXOS-100 #TECHNICAL #ExploreStars #astrophotography #windows10

Bob Trepiccione

I experience this same issue as well, also using stellarium (finally got it working properly, thank you Wes - your appearance on the YouTube live show the other day...)

Is there a way to change the tracking type (lunar, solar, sidereal...) I don't see it anywhere.  Maybe in the ascom setup?

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Date: 7/13/20 2:43 PM (GMT-05:00)
Subject: Re: [ESPMC-Eight] Tracking going wrong #alignment #astrophotography #ExploreStars #iexos-100 #TECHNICAL #Windows10


     That is interesting, I use Stellarium, I don’t know the explore stars app operation. Could it be backlash (play in the gears) when after it does the meridian flip if you going east to west.
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