Re: Tracking going wrong #iEXOS-100 #TECHNICAL #ExploreStars #astrophotography #windows10

Bob Trepiccione

Hi Koen,

Have you checked to make sure your power source is supplying enough voltage?

I was experimenting with my mount last night and thought it was connected and appeared to be operating correctly (I could see the RA spindle turning) I could not detect any physical movement of the mount.

Fast forward to this morning after recharging my power source (rockpals 330w solar "generator") the mount is operating properly.

Might just be a coincidence, but the state of charge was pretty low last night, around 20% maybe, and I know that the 12v DC output on the rockpals is not regulated so the voltage was probably well below 12v.

Maybe Jerry or Wes can shed some light on this...

Hope ya get it worked out!

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