Upgrading my equipment #iEXOS-100 #TECHNICAL #ASCOM #astrophotography

Koen M.

Allright, so it seems i am going to have to start guiding...
My current setup is the iEXOS100 PCM8 with my camera mounted on top of it. and thats it.

I am planning to get a telescope to mount my DSLR on, but that wont be the biggest issue.

I want to go deep space, i want nebula's i want planets i want the whole "shabang"
But i have been told that that is impossible with what i have unless i go and start guiding.

Now technically i am as dumb as fu...
So, is there somebody that can explain me in baby language and baby steps what items i will need (guiding scopes, extra cables, ....)

If possible with pictures :p (like i said i am a dumb fu..., so half of what is being typed is not comming in :p (and english is not my native language :D )

Thx guys 

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