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Cyril and Jerry,

My $0.02...  Based on my own experience, I think that there are real practical limits on putting a topic area in a new title, as the problem likely hasn't been diagnosed yet.  I think best you can do is state a problem and try to keep the OP's thread focused on diagnosing and solving that problem, and starting new threads for subtopics/off-topics as needed.  

Consider my early posts about seagull images.  I had no idea what the source of my problem was - I only knew that I had this new thing and it was exhibiting a problem I needed help diagnosing.  Turned out that there were multiple problems behind those seagulls, only a couple of which had to do with my EXOS2, and none of which had to do with the PMC-8.  But I didn't know that, and the onion had to be peeled one layer at a time in order to find out.  

All of which reminds me...

Cyril, thank you for your post on shims, back in January!  It made me wonder: "what will I find, if I crack open *my* motor cases?..."    

So I opened my motor cases, and I didn't see your problem, but I did see another.  My RA pulley was mispositioned and scraping plastic.  Had you not made your post and made me go 'Hmmmm...', I'd have been a long time finding that layer of the problem.  


- Bob

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Hi Cyril,

I just reviewed the postings you were referring to, to remind myself what the specific comments were and how I responded. The thrust of the issue at that time was that sometimes when we hit reply to a message we don't think to change the subject line if we are going to add our comment to the ongoing discussion. Sometimes the discussion goes into other areas and to clarify, it is sometimes good to change the subject line to better reflect the thrust of that specific post. 

To be clear, all discussion of anything related to Explore Scientific's PMC-Eight product line including the mount hardware is very welcome here and encouraged. This is a software, electronic, electrical/mechanical system where the problems that arise can involve all aspects of the system, so it's good to understand and discuss the full scope of the issue at hand. 

I am guilty of not changing the subject line of my posts also.

To your point, I do not really do much, if any moderation of this forum, I don't think I have removed any posts made as I think we all have practiced good etiquette and have not been disparaging in our remarks. So we will get a large range of topics as you have seen. I have seen the moderators at CloudyNights allow remarks that are far worse than any I have seen on this forum.

The only effective tool that you can apply to the current messages that are in the forum is the search tool to look for specific terms within the messages. I would suggest, but won't enforce the idea that when creating our subject lines, if we were to add a topic area term such as MOUNT, or CONTROLLER, or DRIVER, or any other such term to the start of our subject line, it might accomplish what you are suggesting. Perhaps we can discuss a SMALL list of headings.  I would start out by maybe suggesting HARDWARE, CLIENT, DRIVER, G11, EXOS2, FIRMWARE.  We could do multiple keywords if the topic involves more than one, or perhaps use OTHER, if it doesn't speak to any of these, such as this topic.

For some on this forum, that may be an extra bit of work that they don't want to deal with, and I understand, I am not going to enforce this, as again this is pretty much an unmoderated forum, but to Cyril's point, I think it another way that we can show our consideration for those members who are looking for answers and do not want to spend hours browsing all the messages looking for that little nugget or gem of information that may have been mentioned in passing.

One of my many tasks that I have volunteered for as part of my duties at Explore Scientific is to get our knowledge base up to speed. I am sure some of you know, over the past year and a half, I have answered hundreds of questions both on CloudyNights and here and my goal is to compile all these questions and answers and get them boiled down to an extensive set of Q&A's. It will take me several months to get the knowledge base current and then we can all refer to that when responding to comments and questions as the guide to the PMC-Eight.

I appreciate everyone's enthusiasm for this system, I am grateful for the opportunity to speak to all of you about the system I started thinking about over 4 years ago and is on it's way to a bright future. 


Jerry Hubbell
Director Electrical Engineering
Explore Scientific, LLC.

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