Android for ExploreStars and Windows for ASCOM?


Hi Everyone - nub here...
Just received my EXOS 2 mount, but have yet to load the any software for it until I understand the future implications of loading one software App platform versus another.
I was planning on loading the Android ExploreStars App onto my new Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10, but I know that I will eventually want move to AP using a guide camera w/PHD2 with maybe some planetarium software. The question is: Can the PMC-Eight controller use both the Android App for ExploreStars and Windows for ASCOM drivers simultaneously? Concern is once I load the Android App software, am I stuck with it? Or said another way; does it hard code some info/software into the PMC controller that will later mess up with loading a Win 10 ASCOM type software? If not, can the Android be wireless and the ASCOM Serial port connected at the same time?
Any help or recommendations with this is appreciated!

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