PMC-8 & ASCOM / 1 program at a time #iEXOS-100 #EXOS2


Hey Everyone,
I am brand new to this forum. I am usually pretty resourceful when it comes to figuring out problems on my own. But after digging through forums, FAQ and YouTube, I have finally broke down and I am asking for help.

I recently bought the EXOS2 w/ PMC-8 to use with my ES ED102 for astrophotography. Long story short, I can only connect one program at a time to the ASCOM/PMC-8. I.e. I cannot connect PHD2 and Cartes du ciel at the same time. Once I am connected to say Cartes du ciel and then try to connect to PHD2, i get the same error of "ASCOM driver problem during connection (ASCOM.Utilties) Access to the port 'COM7' is denied". This happens with any combination of programs, only one can be connected. I have to disconnect from Cartes du ciel and then I can connect just fine to PHD2. I have all the latest ASCOM drivers installed and again, any single program works fine. Is this normal for this mount? Ultimately, I am trying to run Sequence Generator and everything connect through that, but again, I can only connect 1 program at a time to the mount. 

Thanks in advance,

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