Wade Prunty

At this time I’m only using the ASIAIR Pro for GOTO, but I will say this, it does an amazing job aligning (plate solving) if you’re using a ZWO camera or supported DSLR. The issue is that the ASIAIR GOTO database is not very extensive. As an example, I was recently shooting the Veil Nebula with my SpaceCat, which is 250mm, and ASI1600mm Pro with a 4/3 camera sensor. The combination of those two gave me a field of view just large enough to get both eastern and western Veils in frame. The only issue is there isn’t anything in the ASIAIR GOTO database to use to center them. There is a new function that lets you manually frame your target and then sync to it, but after the meridian flip the framing always seems to be a little off. It’s close, but not perfect. I think it will get better in a future version. And that’s why I’d like to use SkySafari for now, it has a much more extensive database to choose from.

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