Re: Polar finder scope query from a total beginner #iEXOS-100 #polaralignment


I have found the Rigel Quickfinder easy to install, adaptable, and affordable. I use it with a DSLR and seperatly  a 80mm  scope.

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Good day all,


It does not hurt to ponder the mysteries of the universe.  I am a big believer of not reading manuals and believe all things should be intuitive; however, when normal logic evades me (yeah….keep running logic, I am closing in), I consult the manual.  iEXOS-100 pg. 12 pertains to backlash in the altitude knob which can vary between 1 to 1.5-degress due to the tangent arm design.


Have fun…first shot at clear skies in 1.5-weeks (well, we are being threatened by hurricanes)…we shall see in the upcoming hours.  In c losing, just go away rain, I don’t want to play…. ever!!!!




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Thanks Wes and Jed.

Wes, could you direct me to a suitable red dot finder? I'm currently just imaging with my DSLR as I've not managed to gather the funds for a scope and large finder scope for auto-guiding as of yet. All the red dot scopes I've found so far this evening fit directly onto telescopes I don't have :-/ Thanks for the heads up about your paper, I shall get to reading :-)

Jed I'm glad to hear I'm not going mad then. As I was pretty convinced I had Polaris dead in my sights it was concerning to find myself roughly 2 degrees off on latitude each time.

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