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On Mon, Aug 3, 2020 at 09:50 AM, Robert Hoskin wrote:
I think you'd mentioned in an earlier post that there was another problem besides the pointing issue that you were working on, but can't recall what just now...
Anyway, just wondering if there's an ETA on a follow-on firmware update, or whether this one is 'it' for the foreseeable?  
Hi Bob,

I don't recall anything specific, but I may have mentioned that I want to tweak the ASCOM driver to try and further improve the accuracy of the slews further. This is related to my calculation of the time it takes to actually do the slew so that the term I use to calculate the Slew Target RA value is better. Currently the final position is good to around 3 or 4 seconds in RA (45 to 60 arc-seconds). I would like to get this to within 1 second of RA (15 arc-seconds). I have that on my todo list of things to tackle.
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