Re: Cygnus Loop #G11

Bill Black

Hi Jennifer,
So I took your advice and modeled my optics in Stellarium. It looked like I could get a lot through my 80mm APO and decided I would give that a shot. Then Isaias rolled in and brought all of the water from the Gulf into Georgia for weeks. Finally a break last night and I was able to give it another shot. Here's what I got; had to do quite a bit of stretching in Polarr, given how bright the sky was with the waning full moon.

Mount: EXOS II with PMC 8
Scope: AT 80mm APO with 0.8 reducer/flattener
Camera: ASI294MCPro with baader moon & skyglow filter
Guider: Skywatcher EVOGuide 50mm with ASI385 
Integration: 12 5-minute subs for 1 hour total exposure


Location: Dallas, GA
 Celestron C8, AstroTech 80mm APO

Mounts: EXOS II PMC-Eight, LXD75

Cameras: ZWO ASI294MCPro, ASI385

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