Re: Issues with tracking on iExos 100 with Asi Air Pro #iEXOS-100

Richard Harvey <harvey.richard2007@...>


I've had the exact same problem a few weeks ago! You have to install the "a" version of your PMC-8 firmware. The problem is that the "regular" firmware stops tracking after about 18 secs (can't remember why), while the "a" version will not do that. I'll forward the mail I got from J. Hubbell to explain this better. 



Le sam. 8 août 2020 15:48, <vijaysam@...> a écrit :

I have got asi air pro connected to iExos 100 over serial and am able to access the mount through the asi air app. I am able to control the mount as well being able to slew to an object etc.,

The problem I have is sidereal tracking does not seem to work even though the tracking is enabled on the app to track sidereal.

How could I get the mount to track through asi air pro?

I have tried to connect the same mount over serial to a computer and using POTH, I am able to see that tracking works without any issues.

What is it that I am missing in asi air pro where its not tracking proper?




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