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That's great thanks. I might try out the front then.

Its OK atm. It works. Lol.

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I have to agree with the various suggestion people have made.  I'll attach a few pictures of my setup.  My concept is to route the cables in a path that has the least amount of motion.  That means keeping them very near the DEC and RA pivot axes.  As you can see in the pictures, I gather all the cables under the OTA and then route them off the front of the dovetail bar and then go to a clamp on the counterweight bar and then to the tripod legs.  This path seems least likely to get snagged on something.  It's the best of what I've found although there may be even better solutions.

I might add that a few months ago I made a DEC axis torsion spring to put a light bias torque on the DEC axis so the stepper only had to work in one direction.  After a lot of work, I wasn't able to show any improvement so I gave up.  But it was a good learning experience.  I even learned how to make torsion springs!


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