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It looks it but its not that back heavy at all. Vid attached. See hiw it just wants to go back to the centre either way. 

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It looks to me that your rig is very heavy in the rear. So much mass back.   This will cause your dec axis to swing to 90 degrees when the ra is not at 0.  This is what most people want to do but to a controlled extent. Your guide graph shows that you have a lot of dec backlash though which should not be the case if you are very heavy in the rear.
The way you correct excessive heaviness in the rear is to slide the rig forward in the saddle.  Not sure you can but that is the cure.  Or add more weight way forward on the tube.
What are the rms values for your dec guiding?  If they are in the under 2” sec range then you are going to have round stars mostly, provided you are not getting periodic long excursions.
Your guide graph in dec at least does not look that bad....pending the numbers
I agree with all the cable management comments. It is most important.  I am redoing all my power and usb wiring now to reduce the number of cables that have to cross the rotating axis.  My current arrangement is a nightmare.

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