Re: Comet Neowise near M53 #astrophotography

Mike Forbes <mikeforbes059@...>


Thank you so much.  I love it, so crisp and detailed.

Clear skies my friend,


On Tue, Aug 11, 2020 at 10:04 AM Timothy Myers <tim_s_myers@...> wrote:
Hey Mike, I must have missed that broadcast, here is my contribution.
Tim Myers

Telescopes:           Celestron 4SE, Celestron 8SE, SkyWatcher 100ED Pro
Mounts:                 4-5 SE, 6-8SE, EXOS-2GT with PMC-Eight
Cameras:              ASI1600MC Imaging Camera, Cooled, ASI120 Guide Camera
Focuser:               ZWO EAF
Scope Mini OC:    Topton Pentium
Laptop:                Lenovo
Software:             CDC, SharpCap, NINA, PHD2

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