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Mirko Gude

Hi Pavel,

thanks for your answer. I’ve checked minicom, but then the I found „cuteCom“ which has a GUI and for only one command it’s easier than minicom. With my IEXOS 100 it works.

Best Regards,

Am 04.08.2020 um 20:58 schrieb Pavel <pavel.vondricka@ff.cuni.cz>:

(Not sure anyone answered here)
Just use a serial terminal on your RPi commandline (screen, minicom or
similar) to enter the command to your USB/serial port.


Hi Vince,

sorry, that was a little bit unclear written by me.

I used nc (netcat) via terminal and I could change to serial mode with
„ESX!“. But after this, the wifi connection is lost and I don’t know how
to switch back using the RPi4.


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