Re: IOS versions and other questions

Cyril Bonnett

Hi Jennifer

I followed the instructions on the following


You need to download onto your laptop,  unzip it and then take the SD Card from your Xperia tablet and put it into the laptop then copy the Explorestars directory  into the root directory of the SD card


Then follow these instructions

  1. Install the MicroSD card in your Android tablet
  2. In Settings/Security on your tablet, make sure that Unknown Sources is selected
  3. Using a web browser on your Android, navigate to this webpage and download the APK file: com.explorescientific.explorestars.apk 16 MB (4/2/2018)
  4. Once the file is downloaded, open the file/install the App
  5. The first time you run the App, you will need to initialize the settings:




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I have the same Xperia Z Tablet.
Is there anything special that you had to do to get the database to load?
I think I am missing something.
Any assistance you can provide would be most appreciated.


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