locked Re: Raspberry Pi

Eduardo Simone

I’m using the new Raspberry Pi4 with 4gbs of ram and I have it booting of off a 120gb SSD drive, with the drive it boots up 5-10x faster than of off the micro sd card. I’m using it with Kstars/EKos for my visual and Astrophotography needs. The system works great because it only needs 5 volts and less then 3 amps to run it, it’s great for a portable set up. I connect through either my IPhone or android tablet thru VNC viewer, the only down fall I see is that sharp cap isn’t available on Linux so I do bust out the laptop to get polar alignment, you could do thru PHD2 but I like sharp cap better, EKos also can plate solve as long as you have an internet connection. But so far I like the setup, it’s light and amazingly pretty powerful for something no bigger than a credit card. I also run the Astroberry version of Linux which is Raspian with astronomy software installed for you, as well as INDI, so no messing around with ASCOM and drivers. 
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