locked Re: 2 Star Alignment frustration #alignment

Jed Fish

What I read from your note is that your telescope seems to be pointing in the right direction, but you just can’t get the alignment star into the scope’s field of view.  As JR pointed out, you’ll need a wider field.  

You don’t list your scope or which eyepiece you’re using, so we don’t know what your true field of view is (it seems clear you don’t have any type of finder) but in my experience the alignment stars can easily be 1/2 a degree off or more if you’ve manually set PA (e.g., got Polaris in the tunnel view).  You’ll also want to make sure the mount is in the home position when you power up.  

Use your longest focal length eyepiece and see if that helps.   If not, you’ll want to add a finder which, as JR points out, will give you an even wider field. There are many types, I happen to use a Rigel Quikfinder, it’s small, light, easy to install and align with your telescope, and easy to use.  If you can locate Polaris in your polar tunnel (seems many can’t) using a reflex finder such as the Rigel is very easy. 

Also, search these archives for Bob Hoskins’ (if I recall) notes on setting the home position of the mount. 

Jed Fish
ES ED102

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