locked Re: 2 Star Alignment frustration #alignment


Thanks Jed....you're right, I think it's just going to take time to get use to controlling the mount via the app.

I think solid polar alignment will also help....getting that wrong or loose PA just makes things tougher as the evening goes along.
Part of problem last night I think was not getting through the SharpCap PA process because the CCD I was using for this purpose just was't displaying any stars in SharpCap.

I think I've fixed this problem (CCD was not focused properly). So that's my goal for tonight. Just polar align. 
To JR's point: small goals :)

I'll move on to 2-star alignment if time allows. I watched Jerry's video on configuring the ES app so that hopefully will help.
Your points around using a wider eyepiece also noted.

I couldn't find Bob Hoskins’ doc on tuning the mount - there's a link in the files section but leads to an empty directory. Weird.
If can there's a link I'd appreciate if someone could forward.



Mounts: iExos 100, Skyguider Pro
Scopes/Lenses: Main/Orion 80mm, DSLR/Tamron 18-400mm lens, guide/ZWO-340A
Eyepieces:  20mm, K9MM, KE100
Cameras: Canon T2i DSLR, ZWO120MM (guide)
Imagine Software: iPolar (for Skyguider polar alignment), iCap, Explorestars, Canon EOS Utility
Processing Software: Photoshop

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