locked Re: 2 Star Alignment frustration #alignment


Hi again....wanted to just go through and show the user experience for iPolar on the Skyguider.
Made this video a few minutes ago...my first video posted to Youtube so hope this works: https://youtu.be/N4J6t6EY_tQ

I'm setting up the ASIAIRPro with the iExos now so I can try the PA experience with that platform/setup.
Wade can probably demonstrate this much better than I can but it might be fun to see my fumbling about with this first time out. Stay tuned :)


Streetsville, Ontario

Mounts: iExos 100, Skyguider Pro
Scopes/Lenses: Main/Orion 80mm, DSLR/Tamron 18-400mm lens, guide/ZWO-340A
Eyepieces:  20mm, K9MM, KE100
Cameras: Canon T2i DSLR, ZWO120MM (guide)
Imagine Software: iPolar (for Skyguider polar alignment), iCap, Explorestars, Canon EOS Utility
Processing Software: Photoshop

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