iexos-100 beginner comments (Mac user) #iEXOS-100 #FIRMWARE #iPadOS


Hello everyone - first post here so apologies for any naivety or stupidity on my part!

Just bought an iexos-100 as my entry into the world of astrophotography and in the few days I've had it I'm very pleased with the product quality.

I've read through this group and CN to become familiar with the technology and recognise some of the challenges associated with the use of a Mac in this field.

A couple of observations I'd like to share and hopefully get some feedback on.  These are not complaints, simply observations based on my limited experience and capabilities so please take them in that spirit ;-)

ExploreStars (iOS) - generally easy to use and quite intuitive.  
1.  Doesn't show the current firmware version even when connected to the mount (Ver. 0.00) but I'm assuming the latest version (purchased Aug 2020)
2.  IgnoreFW option isn't sticky - reverts to Ignore when you leave the Settings page
3.  Mount stops tracking when the iPad goes to sleep (but still on mount WiFi connection).  Need to reselect the target and GOTO again in order to continue tracking from wakeup.  I'd read that by default the iexos-100 firmware was supposed to continue to track on loss of  connectivity but this is apparently not happening here.

UPDATE - mount stops tracking when the ExploreStars app loses focus (eg switching to another app) even when not going to sleep.  Green network light is dropped around 10-sec after loss of app focus.  When the app regains focus, green light comes on and the mount slews to the tracked object and resumes tracking. In effect you need to dedicate the iPad to the ExploreStars app if you want continuous tracking.  iPad screen set to no-sleep option.

Mac interaction - no PC available so stuck with what I have for the moment
1.  Both KStars and Stellarium can connect and control the mount over WiFi but ONLY if I have the INDIGO Server application running.  I have tried the INDI driver and control through EKOS but never managed to connect to the mount (errors regarding serial cable and numerous timeouts despite having set up to use Ethernet connectivity and specific ibexes-100 driver).  I noted that one of the other group members had also run into this problem so will try again (and again).  I'm happy with the Indigo Server app on Mac - nice and clear and easy to use so may well just stick with that if it provides the functionality I need for KStars/Ekos/Phd2 going forward.
2. Haven't been able to try to switch to USB cable connection yet but may try through VirtualBox at some stage in future

Currently just seeing what I can achieve unguided and with the DSLR/lens combination before attempting to use a telescope and guiding but that will come sooner rather than later I'm sure.

Cheers everyone and looking forward to any feedback.
Experienced hobby photographer and total newbie to anything Astro.
Mount: iexos100
Camera: Canon DSLRs
Optics: DSLR lenses

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