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Thanks Wade, very helpful.

Just a clarification; in steps 1-10, when you mention the 'app' you're referring to the ASIAir app correct?
That's the only app used in your steps, correct?



On Wed, Aug 19, 2020 at 2:43 AM Wade Prunty <wadeprunty@...> wrote:

I had to use the PMC-Eight configuration manager utility to enable the USB port on the side of my iEXOS-100, but that was a one time process. It's remained active ever since. From there I run a mini USB to USB A cable from the mount to the ASIAIR Pro. The ASIAIR Pro has the iEXOS-100 as one of it's mount choices within the setup screen, so once the USB port is enabled on the mount the ASIAIR Pro can connect to it and control things like slewing and guide correction. So, other than using th CMU once, months ago, the ASIAIR Pro app is the only thing I'm using to control everything.

There is a 2-3 minute process I have to do when I first boot up the mount. I just tell myself this is the calibration process and get it over with. And I don't really know how I figured out how to do these steps, I just fiddled around with it enough.
  1. Power on the mount and connect to it with the ASIAIR Pro app.
  2. Release both clutches and align the RA and DEC, so that the mount is pointing towards the NCP. (This will become the home position)
  3. In the app, under the telescope controls, tell it to GoTo Home Position. The RA will slew to a horizontal position.
  4. Release the clutch and move the mount back to the true home position (pointing at the NCP).
  5. Lock the clutch, and click Sync to Mount in the telescope control settings.
  6. Select a target and have the mount slew to it. It usually goes to the wrong place.
  7. Select GoTo Home Position again in the telescope controls. Again, it usually ends up in the wrong place.
  8. Release the clutch and move it to the home position.
  9. Click Sync to Mount one more time under telescope controls in the app.
  10. You're now ready to use the mount.
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