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Hey Wade....this is super helpful

When updating firmware, do you need to apply all previous iExos firmware updates or can you just apply the June 8/2020 update and be all caught up?

Assuming the firmware updated to June 8/2020 release, would the new process look something like this?

1) ASIAir and iExos mount are powered off.
2) Roughly align tripod, scope and mount to NCP. weight arm is in the vertical down position.
3) Power on the ASIAir and iExos
4) Perform a Polar Alignment via ASIAir. Once completed, this will leave the telescope tilted at 60degrees.
5) Release the clutch and return the telescope/weight arm back to vertical down position
6) In the ASIAir app,  mount controls click 'Synch to Mount'
7) You're now able to accurately slew to targets using the Goto within ASIAir.

Is that correct?

On Thu, Aug 20, 2020 at 12:05 PM Wade Prunty <wadeprunty@...> wrote:
I just wanted to let everyone know that after the responses I got about the oddity of the number of steps I had to do when I first turned on my mount I decided to take some time to go back over everything. I eventually tried a firmware update and found the June 8, 2020 release. I'm pleased to say that after updating the firmware I only have one step I need to complete to begin using the mount with the ASIAIR Pro app. Once the mount is powered on, and pointed to the NCP, I simply go into the telescope control tab and clicked the Sync To Mount button. After that I'm immediately able begin slewing to my targets. FYI, If I don't complete this step the mount doesn't seem to know which way it is oriented, and if I were to click the goto home position button it would slew east on the RA axis and lay completely horizontal.

This is a big win for me!

I wish I had notated which firmware the mount was previously on, but I did not. Is there a log file stored anywhere for the configuration management utility?
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