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Cyril Bonnett

HI Jerry

Hope this helps.


Today I had another look at the android version. With the windows version if I open search and put in say Polaris I get a list that has Polaris at the top.


I’m not too sure if your Android app does have a problem, it may be that the search has just been programmed a bit differently.


In the bar at the top of the Android version from the right there is SEARCH, then to the left of it has a space with a number in it, at the moment 109, to the left again is a box with TOUR in it and to the left again it has Andromeda in white letters, click on TOUR and it brings up a list of objects in Andromeda.


If I click on SEARCH I have been assuming that it would bring up a search box, but all it seems to do is hangs the programme until a box with the wait or close option appears clicking wait does seem to go on forever and I think the natural thing to do the is close the programme and start again.


If you want to search you must not click/highlight the search button but type your query into the space that contains the number


In the space to the left of search delete the number 109 then type in your query, I typed Polaris and then clicked SEARCH.

This brings up a list of twelve objects which are all connected to my search for Polaris, just like the windows version but better displayed.


The space that I typed in Polaris now has the number 12 in it, the number of objects displayed for the result of the search.

The first object in the list is NGC2573 Polarissima Australis  >Below Horizon<


If I type in MOON I get a result of 55 objects, the first in the list being M1 Crab Nebula, the moon is ninth in the list of objects.


I have noticed that subsequently when clicking the search button after searching for Polaris which gave a list of 12 objects it brings up another list numbering 23702 objects and a further press of search I get a list  of 5 objects then another press gives 75753 another press of the search gives 1 object, HD70998, another go gives a list of 83979.


I am wondering if the wait/close is really a memory problem because if I select an object from the last huge list and try to return to catalogue I get the wait close box, if I then press wait it does eventually return me to the list of 83979 objects. A further search for Polaris returns me to a list of 12 objects.


Bit long winded but I think it does solve the problem that Jennifer and I have experienced, perhaps a newer tablet, more memory and a fast cpu will speed the search process up.





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Hi Cyril, Jennifer,


When you have the problem, what are the objects you are searching on? Does it matter if the object is above or below the local horizon? Do you get any indications other than the program hangs and then wants to abort?


Thanks again for your feedback.


Jerry Hubbell

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