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Wade Prunty


1) ASIAIR Pro and iEXOS-100 mount are powered off.
2) Align/level tripod, scope and mount to NCP by sight. weight arm is in the vertical down position.
3) Power on the ASIAIR Pro and iEXOS-100
4) In the ASIAIR app, under telescope settings, click Sync to Mount
5) You're now able to accurately slew to targets using the Goto Auto-Center option within ASIAIR app, which is it's auto alignment (plate solving) method
6) Optional: Perform polar alignment.

As long as I have my equipment lined up fairly close with the NCP I have found that there might not be any need to run the polar align tool. I think the focal length you're shooting at will be the biggest factor for this, but watching your guiding graph once you start guiding on a star will also let you know whether you need to PA or not. Why wouldn't I always PA? Well, there has been some other discussions on this forum about issues that actually arise on these mounts from accurate polar alignment, like mount/gear float. It can be good for these mounts to have a constant pull/push on the gears, which can be done by biasing the balance to one side, or slightly being off PA. Doing a PA is totally up to you, and I definitely do a PA sometimes, but my point in all of this is the ASIAIR app, along with a fairly close NCP alignment, will center your target for you, no star alignments, calibration stars, accurate polar alignment needed. As long as you have a camera connected to the AISAIR Pro that it can control, and you have the GoTo Auto-Center option selected, the app will center the target perfectly every time.

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