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Thanks Wade, 

You're bang-on....so long as the scope/mount is 'close to NCP'....the Goto Auto Centre / plate-solving centres the object really close to dead centre.
I've been having fun finding, centering and tracking Saturn, Jupiter, Arcturus and Antares until some clouds moved in.

Regarding the process above, I did a PA first, then brought the scope back from 60deg to the weight arm being in the vertical down position, then completed steps 1 through 5 above. Worked great....thanks!
And I think I understand now why you just don't need to leave the ASIAir app...it has everything in one simple interface. 

My only issue is I've been using my guide scope and camera thus far. My main scope with my Canon DSLR is acting weird. It can perform a PA just fine, but then has trouble finishing the Goto Auto Centre plate-solving procedure.  Any exposures I take are grainy and it can't centre the object. The guide camera can do these things just fine...but the resolution is way too low obviously.
Played with the exposure on the DLSR quite a bit ....but I'm getting tired and need to call it a night. Need to save some problems to keep me busy tomorrow night :)

Thanks for the updated steps....I've put them all into an 'ASIAir Pro with iExos 100' guide which I'll post into the ASIAir forum.



On Thu, Aug 20, 2020 at 4:36 PM Wade Prunty <wadeprunty@...> wrote:

1) ASIAIR Pro and iEXOS-100 mount are powered off.
2) Align/level tripod, scope and mount to NCP by sight. weight arm is in the vertical down position.
3) Power on the ASIAIR Pro and iEXOS-100
4) In the ASIAIR app, under telescope settings, click Sync to Mount
5) You're now able to accurately slew to targets using the Goto Auto-Center option within ASIAIR app, which is it's auto alignment (plate solving) method
6) Optional: Perform polar alignment.

As long as I have my equipment lined up fairly close with the NCP I have found that there might not be any need to run the polar align tool. I think the focal length you're shooting at will be the biggest factor for this, but watching your guiding graph once you start guiding on a star will also let you know whether you need to PA or not. Why wouldn't I always PA? Well, there has been some other discussions on this forum about issues that actually arise on these mounts from accurate polar alignment, like mount/gear float. It can be good for these mounts to have a constant pull/push on the gears, which can be done by biasing the balance to one side, or slightly being off PA. Doing a PA is totally up to you, and I definitely do a PA sometimes, but my point in all of this is the ASIAIR app, along with a fairly close NCP alignment, will center your target for you, no star alignments, calibration stars, accurate polar alignment needed. As long as you have a camera connected to the AISAIR Pro that it can control, and you have the GoTo Auto-Center option selected, the app will center the target perfectly every time.

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